Have you always known what your wedding was going to be like since you were a little one? Do you have Pinterest board after Pinterest board filled with every beautiful wedding day suggestion? Your dream wedding CAN come true! And you know what? You deserve it!

When we work with couples, we often hear them describe their wedding plans without a clear plan of how to execute those plans, or they are just getting started and aren’t sure who to book next, or are even regretful of who they have booked because they didn’t know their options and went with a family friend to appease someone. Do not regret your wedding vendors! YIKES!

A wedding is a huge event and coordinating a large number of guests can be an overwhelming undertaking (especially when those guests are family). So, ideally, a wedding planner is a great idea for executing your plan efficiently and with your best interests in mind. Even if you have had a vision for your wedding since the day you first saw a bridal gown, someone who knows vendors and can give you many options and work with your budget is a huge asset.

But, if you can’t get a planner, confide in your clergy or whoever you want to officiate. DO NOT try to do this alone, folks! It will make the difference between being a gorgeous fairytale bride and groom or a stressed out bridezilla or groomzilla mess on your wedding day.

As a video vendor, we know the importance of making sure the day goes flawlessly. A video is a lasting memory and captures the real time, real happenings so we want it to be perfect almost as much as you do! Coordinating with a planner, officiant, or a photographer is key. And we work side-by-side with them as soon as they are booked and we are booked. We all want you to have a perfect wedding day!

That’s what we strive for at Oliver Lens Cinematography. Book with us and you can have a dream wedding video!

  <3 OL

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