Pro Tips: Professional
Videography Team vs.
Cousin Maggie

“Actually, I think my cousin is going to shoot some video for us...”

We’ve heard this line before! If you aren’t a video savvy person, you might think that everyone (even your sweet, dear second cousin Maggie) is able to get a video of your day if they have a fancy-looking camera or even the latest iPhone. And we totally get it! Everyone has access to some really nice stuff these days, but, if we may, Maggie might not be very creative or have the shooting expertise to really tell the story of your love. And let’s face it, why take that risk on the most important day of your life? 

Let us explain some pros of getting a pro videographer on your very special wedding day…

Audio!! This. Is. HUGE. Many of your family members or friends might have nice cameras but do they have audio equipment to go with it? Your husband or wife’s voice saying their vows or reading you a heartfelt letter has to be crisp and clear. It’s part of the day’s experience and a memory you will cherish having. If the audio is muddy or not there at all, it’s super disappointing. If you need more convincing here is a video we did without microphones: 

Storytelling. Ok, so Maggie knows you have been together for 3 years and she totally has you guys on her instagram page as #relationshipgoals, but does she have the video expertise to capture the uniqueness of your love story and emotions or will she set up one tripod and press record? Wait, she has a tripod right? ;)

Editing. Here is where the majority of a video person’s time is spent. It takes many hours to go through all the captured video and find the right pieces and put them together. Many people lose patience with this process. So, having a pro videographer ensures you will get ALL THE BEST clips of the day and not look like...let’s be honest… a hot mess that doesn’t make sense or feels too fast or slow.

High-quality export. As pro videographers, we keep up on what tech is doing. We can deliver you a high-quality digital product, not an old videotape from a camcorder. --OL <3

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