Why does the editing take so long?

"What a whirlwind. Our wedding day is over! I entrusted Oliver Lens to capture the day and now I want to see my aunt do her hilarious dance to Uptown Funk! I want to see those gorgeous drone shots of our venue! I want to watch us kiss as a married couple! I know what it felt like, but what did it look like!? Ahhh! So exciting!"

Like you, we are very excited and anxious for you to see all of your moments. So at Oliver Lens we promise a 30 second social-media sneak peak for you the following day.

But why do you have to wait for the full video?

Here is our process: We import hours and hours of footage from your day into our computers. Then we organize it, rename files and BACK IT UP! This process alone can take a long time, but it's worth it in the end because we are learning what the other videographer captured and what stands out.

Then we cut. Editing hours of footage means that we literally look through all of it (multiple times) and work with it to create a cinematic story. We place shots, then move them, then try them in a different order, then stumble on one that would be perfect next to Aunt Jean's Uptown Funk dance! Ultimately, we are sitting in the editing chair approximately 2 hours per 1 minute of footage we deliver.

Then we move on to audio balancing and smoothing. Then we add music. Sound quality makes the difference between amateur and professional. It matters.

Then, we make it ~*fancy*~ and make sure the entire video has beautiful color, visual effects, motion and graphics.

Then we rewatch it some more. And change more. And shift more. And add more. Then switch songs. Then...there’s that moment when we watch it and say to ourselves "oh my gosh they are going to love this." And THAT'S when we export the video.

Which also takes hours.

So we let the computer do its thing overnight...

Then, beautiful married couple, you have your lasting memory!! We deliver your video digitally over the magic of the internet (and the mail, if you choose USB, DVD or Blu-Ray) so you can re-live all of your moments for years to come.

For more information on our packages visit our investment page on oliverlens.com
-OL <3

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